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Individually-tailored piano lessons with a professional teacher.

Learning to play the piano is often perceived as a daunting endeavour, however, over the last few years, I have developed a method of teaching that has really helped my students grasp the basics of the instrument, enabling them to play the music that they are passionate about within a relatively short timeframe.

While tailoring each of my piano lessons to the individual pupil I have created a course of lessons that explore the use of the simple chord or triad system to understand the majority of post-1960s piano compositions. This extends across an array of different genres, including contemporary styles of pop, rock, jazz and blues.

There is more good news; no one is born with an inherent ability to play the piano, every pianist has developed their skills through learning the instrument, practising and exploring the theory behind the music. The more time that is put into these three aspects of playing the piano the better the musician is - so fear not, if you have the passion to learn the piano then you certainly have the capability to start to master one of the most beautiful instruments known to mankind.

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