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Hello! My name is Stephen Murphy & I am an experienced piano teacher based in Cambridge offering high quality piano lessons in the area.

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Stephen Murphy Piano Teacher
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Stephen Murphy
Professional Piano Teacher

Welcome to Piano Lessons Cambridge! My name is Stephen Murphy and I am an experienced professional musician and teacher based in the Hills Road area of Cambridge.

I teach students of all ages, both from my home in Cambridge as well as visiting my pupils distant permitting.

I cover a wide range of modern musical styles, from pop and rock to blues, jazz, and folk and I would be more than happy to teach you to play the piano, whether you are a complete beginner or are revisiting playing the piano after many years out.

Alongside my music tuition, I also produce music for television and am a musical arranger. I also play in and manage a number of live acts in Cambridge and London - this has given me a well-rounded experience as a professional musician, as well as being a private music teacher.

In addition to a traditional method of instrument teaching, I also offer a method based on the simple chord or triad system where students can choose a song they would really like to learn; this could be pop, folk, jazz, blues, more or less any style and the students learn how the different chord shapes relate to one another through chord changes. This has been proven to be an extremely effective way to learn to play the piano.

“Stephen is a fantastic local piano teacher here in Cambridge. He taught me to play the piano with speed and confidence, even helping me to perform at my school concert in front of friends and family. His relaxed, friendly lessons are perfect for beginner and advanced players alike.”

We begin with basic majors and minors and then we can move on to more complex harmonies. It is surprising how much can be achieved using simple physical shaping or 'blocking' of the hands, where the required chord shape is ready-made.

All pop songs are by nature simple (not true of jazz and blues), so any song from the last 50 years is playable in a relatively short period of time. Formal theory, sight-reading and so on are not required.

To find out more or to book your first lesson don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing me on info@pianolessonscambridge.com or call 01223 901128.

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