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My name is Stephen and I am a professional musician and piano teacher. I have many years of music teaching and piano playing experience.

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My Mission
Electric & Acoustic Piano Lessons

I provide carefully-structured lessons that guarantee the most efficient progress for pianists of any age and ability.

Over the years I have taught many beginner students, helping them to rapidly learn to play the piano. I can certainly help you as well if you are a beginner student.

I can also help more advanced players to continue to improve their ability as a pianist.


Hills Road, Cambridge, CB1 2EU


Stephen Murphy
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My Lessons
Classical & Contemporary Styles

I cover almost all contemporary styles of music, including pop and jazz. This is alongside tuition in classical piano for those who are interested. My student-focused approach ensures that you can learn to play the piano by playing the music that you are passionate about. I offer a well-rounded experience in learning to play the piano, drawing on years of teaching experience and a wealth of technical exercises to help you achieve.

I guarantee that all students will advance at the most comfortable and satisfying rate for them, by tailoring each lesson to their individual needs. So no matter what musical tastes, level or ambition that you have I know I have the lessons for you to reach that next level.

£25 per 30 mins
£40 per 50 mins

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Check out the prices page for more information about the cost of lessons.

Learn When & Where You Want

The majority of my piano students take an hours lesson each week, with a few taking their lessons on a fortnightly basis. It is completely up to you, the student, how often that you would like us to hold our piano lessons. However, learning to play the piano does require a personal commitment to attend lessons, as well as dedicating some time to practise at home (or other spaces where you can access a piano)

Lesson Focus

Know Your Theory

Improve your theory knowledge

Know Your Theory

I like to make sure my students have an understanding of theory

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    Lesson Focus: Have an understanding of scales.
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    Lesson Focus: Learn how to form chords.
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    Lesson Focus: Learn how to read music.
Lessons Focus

Enjoy Playing Piano

Lessons you can enjoy

Enjoy Playing Piano

Learn to play in an exciting way

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    Lesson Focus: Lessons built around you.
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    Lesson Focus: Lessons are always enjoyable.
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    Lesson Focus: Learn to enjoy practicing.
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    Lesson Focus: Learn music that is familiar.
Lessons Focus

Learn The Songs You Love

Learn the music you enjoy

Learn The Songs You Love

Learn to play the music that inspires you

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    Lesson Focus: Learn different genres
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    Lesson Focus: Learn the songs you love to listen to in your own time
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    Lesson Focus: Learn how to play like the artists you like
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    Lesson Focus: Learn a wide range of techniques
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Piano Lessons Cambridge Teacher - Stephen Murphy
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I can help you

I pride myself on offering high quality piano lessons to all of my students. I feel that the key to learning is to enjoy what you learn & because of this I like to make my lessons as enjoyable as possible. My lessons are also informative & packed full of everything you need to become a great player.

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons are charged at £25 per 30 mins and £40 per 50 mins for all of my students regardless of playing ability.

I teach the majority of my piano lessons from my teaching room located in the Hills Road area. It is a great place to learn the piano, boasting a calm relaxing atmosphere the is perfect to help you focus on developing your ability on the piano.

I am more than happy to teach your children to play the piano if they are interested. I specialise in tutoring more contemporary styles of music, which often suits younger students of all ages.

Please info me at your earliest opportunity to enable me to offer that arrange lesson slot to another student. Do note if you cancel immediately prior to our lesson time you will be charged the full price of your lesson.

Not at all, though it is useful to be able to access a piano to practise upon away from our lessons. You will be surprised at how many places locally have a piano within that you might be able to ask to practise up, from music shops practise rooms, university, college and school music department for younger students, to local church halls and community centres. Alternatively, you can pick up a relatively good beginner keyboard from Amazon for under £100 that will enable to you practice between our lesson.

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Stephen Murphy
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